Local language?

I’m testing the west theme for a small project and see “continue reading” below the post previews. Are there plans to translate that?

forgot the link: http://nas.danielbierstedt.de/bogensport-leverkusen/

We don’t plan to translate anything in the theme. Translations are handled by WordPress now so we need to wait for the theme to go live.

Anyway, that button is from Live Composer. You just need to edit the module by clicking on the cog icon and then go to Styling > Button. You’ll see the text there.

Great, will try that. Thanks.

Wait… what means “live”? Is this a beta release? Will it stay free?

Live on wordpress.org I mean which will happen after the code is reviewed by the team there. It will stay free and we’ll also have a paid version.

cool, thanks for the info.