Loading time for Homepage & Leto: Product loop


I would like to ask about Leto: Product loop in homepage


Since the //quickview links function// will load other product demo pics, it makes the PSI loading very big.
My website mobile ver need about 12.9MB / desktop ver need avout 7.1MB

I try to close the //quickview links function// in Leto: WooCommerce, the show more button is gone but the loading size still here.
How can I ban the Leto: Product loop load other product demo pic in the homepage?
I tried to delete the product demo pics, just keep the product pic, the PSI loading size was smaller than now.

I wanna keep the quickview function in the shop page,
just want to ban it in the homepage, don’t let it load more demo pics. it make the homepage loading a long time.

Hello there,

Try this plugin that may help you accomplishing it. Also please read this codex that’ll tell you more guides to improve your site speed.


hey, so I think I fixed (?) it without side effects.

I emptied the woocoommerce-modal.php file and it stoped the mainpage widget from loading all images and whole product pages in the background. My website went from 12mb to 970 kb.

this is the file in my child theme:

 * Woocommerce modal for loop products
 * @package Leto

<?php global $product; ?>
<div id="modal-quickview" class="mfp-hide product-modal">
</div><!-- /.modal-quickview -->

This bug is still wrecking Leto users SEO, even in the newest version.