"Loading" square does not disappear

Hi, I just started making my new page using this great theme but I have a problem with the “loading square” button not disappearing (both on desktop nor mobile browser)

interesting thing is, that when I click customize, the page works OK but when a guest tries to open my page it just does the mess. see web

I tried to reinstall WP, switch plugins on and off and nothing works. Other similar webs (sydney) worke well on the same domain and hosting.
thanks in advance for any ideas what can be wrong.


seems like there is javascript error occurred on wp-minifiy plugin http://prntscr.com/8at7r8.

please try to reinstal the plugin.

Thank you, reinstalling didont solve the problem. I just turned off JS minify (idk if its a good solution but for now it works) If anyone have other ideas how to slove it Id be thankful. Im using W3 Total Cache which caused the problem.

Try regenerating the cache. Thing is that it concatenates the theme’s JS files with the plugin’s and there’s probably a conflict there.