Loading issues on google chrome

Hi I am having terrible loading issues on google chrome. I have tried some plugins but this doesnt seem to work and some of the better known plugins such as WP Total cache i cannot activate as they give a fatal error message.
I get a reasonable score on pingdom even on gtmetrix but it could do with some improvement but there are times the home page just wont load at all…please advise

my website url is http://muinehills.com/

Hello there,

It looks you have a couple of plugins enabled. I suspect one of them might pollute the default behavior of the preloader.

To inspect which plugin that might become the cause of this issue, try temporarily disable all of them (except Page Builder and Sydney Toolbox); Then re-run your test. If you get the preloader works fine, you could narrow down the possible source of the issue by re-enabling all plugins one by one.