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I like the Sydney theme but I have many questions regarding how it works so if you respond all this thank you very much! Im interested in making a nice looking simple website for myself. I’ve only found myself in small problems that I think are easily fixable I haven’t found answers. Is there a way to have images be on top of each other in the image editor? How can I re size videos and put them exactly where I want them? Not a center left thing more of a drag and drop. How can I make the white disappear or at least change in my text? How can I take off the sydney loading screen and maybe put my own or none. I want to put a background of different color instead. and two last features are I like the style of how all pages are connected in edsheeran.com id like to know how is that done? Is that difficult? Last but not least how can i connect my tumblr page the same way as eminem.tumblr.com its connected to the original site even through its not a redirection at least i dont think so… Anyway thank you for all the help!


what I meant by white by the white gone in my text is the layout for the pages. The background is fine I know how to change that but the text has white instead of the background and I wish to make that be gone in some parts.



Please post a link to your website ( where you see this issue ), so we can check.

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http://bit.ly/1ShtHdg here it is.


Is there anything you can help me do?



Sorry, I am not sure what you want to customise on it, it’s just a white menu and a background image.

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Yeah im not putting anything on it until I know how to do my design. If you go to any of the otherlinks youll see its all white I want to be able to change that and the sydney theme (or my ignorance) doesnt allow that. I explained the things I want to do to be able to do my design like somehow embed my tumblr the way eminem.tumblr.com does and have a start up page like theeraser.net that redirects to the same page. Is there a way I could do these things that you know of?


Like I said I wanna do that and be able to make videos a certain size and take the loading screen off from the sydney theme.