Load Times

Hello Vlad,

Can you take a look at my site and give me an idea on what to do with my site. The load times are slow if the site is not locally cached. I assume my background pictures are too large, but I want to have a high quality image. Any ideas?




I can understand the need for high quality images, but I just had a look at two of your images and one is 2.6MB and another 2.3MB. So 4.9MB from just two images. You can’t expect fast load times in these conditions:) Resize them, do some loseless compression, even do some lossy compression if it’s needed.
Also, use a plugin like W3 Total Cache if you don’t already have it.
You can also try Jetpack’s Photon module and see if it helps you in any way.

Thanks Vlad-I am trying to determine what two you are referencing. Is there a easy way to determine this?


I guess you can look in your Media Library, or you can go to cPanel to the Uploads folder and sort them by size. I looked in your source using Chrome Dev Tools.