Load speed

I have enabled WP-SuperCache but my load time is still a bit slow and my PageSpeed Insights score from google is awful. Any ideas?


I had a look at your site and you’re not using gzip. Use a plugin for that or do it manually and both the speed and the score should go up. We’re getting 89-90 with a full demo site.
Also, do some image compression (lossy or loseless) and some resizing for those row background images wouldn’t hurt.

Any recommendations on plugins?

Ok I enabled compression on the Super Cache plugin and it seems to have helped a little…but not much.

Dumb question but is image compression done through a plugin or do I have to add that manually when I export images from Photoshop or Fireworks, etc?


I just ran your site through Google insights and it still seems that you’re not using gzip. This would be your main concern.

You can do image compression manually or you can use a plugin like EWWW. Kraken.io is also very cool, though I think the free version limits you to 1MB.

Vlad - I also noticed that Google insights recommends compression still, but I checked the source on the home page (and others) and it shows gzip:

<!-- Dynamic page generated in 2.436 seconds. -->
<!-- Cached page generated by WP-Super-Cache on 2015-06-30 10:19:23 -->

<!-- Compression = gzip -->


I’ll check out EWWW - thanks!