Live Composer appears to not be responding after I insert shortcode

I’ve posted about this previously and was told to reach out to Live Composer support, which I did (their reply below). Link to my previous topic post.

Laur replied Hi Danyelle,

I am sorry for keeping you waiting for so long.

Unfortunately, I have to ask you to visit this page [] and contact the theme developer for help. We have an agreement with theme developers using our plugin to support their users. If the theme developer will not find a solution (in most cases the problem is in their code), he will contact us directly.

Sorry for this inconvenience and success with your project!

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Laur G

Can some one please reach out to Live Composer? It’s basically unusable on my website right now. The only way I can edit a page layout is to access the pages dashboard and select “Open in Page Builder”.

Hello there,

Please grant me to access your site admin area to allow inspecting the trouble directly. You can share the working login credentials to my email; mention the link to this thread in your message body to indicate that’s yours.


I sent you an email with login credentials.

Thank you very much! Let’s continue the support service over email.