Little layout question


OK I promise this is my last question with this theme! I really appreciate that you help us and give us your time to steer us in the right direction when we have a problem.

On this site I’m making, , as you can see on the homepage, there is a bit of a wasted blank space between the bottom of the banner, and the text “this is where we will soon tell you […]”. I would like to tighten this up vertically.
On the page which is being used there, I didn’t enter anything as title, and the text is stuck at the top of the page.

How could I move all that up to waste less space?

Thank you very much!


It’s not really wasted space, but okay :slight_smile:
This is the default:

.site-header {
   margin-bottom: 80px;

Change 80px to the value you want.


Lol I didn’t mean it was wasted space on the original theme, just felt like the way I’m doing it on this site I should tighten things up a bit.
Thank you so much Vlad, really appreciate your reactivity.
I really hope you get a lot of success with your themes because you completely deserve it.