Little css error (?)


Good Morning, first of all, VLAD, thanks for adding our request for links in the employee photo (We really love you for that).

Then, i’d like to send you a little error (or that’s what I think)

When Moesia Pro as a theme, if the page is too short (For example, protected passwords) the footbar displays too up, and not in the low position (The normal one)

Is there any solution?
Thanks again for your amazing work

Example link: http:// dustonfilters(dot)com/?page_id=122



It’s not an error, that’s how the theme is built. That’s how most themes are built.
You can change this with a bit of custom CSS, though I suggest you do this only for the pages where it happens. In the case of the page you linked, this is what you need:

.page-id-122 .site-footer {
       width: 100%;
       position: absolute;
       bottom: 0;


Oops! Sorry then!

Also, thanks for your great work!



trying the code you told me but with the id 282 {
       width: 100%;
       position: absolute;
       bottom: 0;

Page id=85, same code, same error.

It doesn’t show correctly, any tips?


Well, now showed correctly. I forgot the space.

Sorry and thanks!


Not sure if you know but you can do it like this and list all the pages you need:

.page-id-282 .site-footer,
.page-id-122 .site-footer {
       width: 100%;
       position: absolute;
       bottom: 0;


Thanks again Vlad for your kindness (I was just spamming the code again and again)


Vlad, I’m expecting some errors using the absolute position code when using it in mobiles.

The example page id is the 282, so you can see it if you want it.

In a desktop, it shows correctly, but the problem is in the mobile version. It seems that the footer gets fixed in the same position, even if you scroll down… it’s fixed anyway (So the page scrolls, but not the footer)

(I’m not sure i’m explaining myself very well but…) any tips?