Listing Blog Posts by Oldest to Most Current

Hello Support,

Is it possible to have my blog posts listed by having the oldest post first, leading up to the most current post, which is the last one on the page? I am writing a weekly series of blog posts, and want to list the blog posts chronologically as Part 1, Part 2, Part, 3, etc.

I am also hoping that in the Recent Posts widget, the oldest listing will be on top, and the most recent will be on bottom. This way Part 1 will be on top since it was the first one posted (oldest date). The widget is currently listing it the opposite way, with the most recent on top.

Thanks for your help. Bo

Hello Bo,

The solution for such that purpose might be this plugin


Thank yo, Kharis. I appreciate your help.

You’re welcome!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.


Hell again, Kharis.

I just installed the plugin. The posts are now listed chronologically from oldest to newest, which is perfect.

The remaining challenge is that the Recent Post widget is still listing from newest to oldest, which is confusing for the reader. Is there a way to reverse the listing on the widget too?

Thanks, Bo

Hello there,

You might want to use alternative latest posts widget like this plugin:

It allows you customise the post’s order.


Works perfectly. Thanks again, Kharis.

Enjoy your day. Bo


Have a nice day to you!