List of pages appearing below footer?


Not sure why this started appearing but it wasn’t there previously. At the very bottom of my site ( a list of all my pages appears in alphabetical order.

I know it didn’t use to be there and it’s not in one of my footers and I am not sure how to get rid of it.

Please help!



Hello Jeff,

Visit custom menu administration panel (Dashboard > Appearance > Menus). Edit all of you registered menus, and ensure non of then enabled for Footer menu.


Thanks Kharis

That wasn’t it as none had footer selected but I found my adding footer to my social menu it over-rid and hid all the page names. I didn’t necessarily need my social menu there but it certainly looks better than it did.

If you have any other ideas please let me know. Since I know they didn’t appear based on any changes I made, chances are it’s some type of interaction between the last update of Wordpress and the theme.