List articles for other post_type like blog page for posts

I want to use categories links to list other posts_types, but it only works for categories from “post” post_type. How can I do it for categories out of “posts” type?

My goal is to show all projects from sydney-toolbox “projects” post_type, listed as articles too, using the slug. Because the single-page of the projects shows category, but clicking on it says that nothing is found.

Thank you,
Daniel Pereira

Hello Daniel,

By default WordPress gives URL for any public post type. For projects, you have If it returns not found, probably plain permalink enabled in the permalinks config (see Settings > Permalinks).

To display a projects link to your menu, you can use Custom Links option in the menu administration panel (Appearance > Menus).


I actually think that permalinks are ok. When I create a post_type it shows the single of that post, but the archive shows the “no content” part. Maybe because it is filtering only “posts” types, it seems like.

EDIT: I realized that isn’t showing on search too, but I don’t want either, just made me think that the custom post type are ignored. But it shows the woocommerce products post_type.

Ok, I was testing this on a blank wordpress file and it’s working. It might conflict with the “Polylang” plugin, because I’m using a category for different languages.

So it’s solved if I start to giving languages to customs post type on the “Polylang” settings and then using it.

Sorry for bother, I never thought about that because “wordpress/category/post_name” for the posts was working fine.

Thank you for response anyway.