Links vs targets in menu

When I use a custom link ( for a menu item, the page reloads showing the appropriate section or line. I don’t want the page to reload, but to simply scroll down, so I changed the custom links for a target (#pg-220-4). Now, this menu item is working if and only if I’m on the homepage.

How can I solve that?

Are you sure that’s how you added the link? It works for sure, perhaps you also added www. I just re-tested to be sure.

I simply entered #pg-220-4 in the custom link menu item for “About Us”.

From the homepage, everything works fine and the page scrolls down to the “About Us” section.

The problem is if you are on another page, let’s say the “Jobs” page. Then, from there, the “About Us” menu item does go anywhere.

Yes, I understood what you meant. What I’m saying is that what you’re trying to achieve is working, meaning you can add as the link and it will scroll down, it won’t reload the page. So you don’t have to add only #pg-xx which indeed has no way of working from a different page.

Ok, I got it! Must have been the www then, just as you said!


Sorry again, as I sometimes don’t understand english as easily as french…

It’s okay. I don’t understand French as easily as English.