Links in home page widget List or Text boxes

Hi there,

I’ve just made my first WordPress site, and have found Sydney AWESOME to use. I’m only struggling with one thing. Is there any way to include links in the text of the List widgets on the home page?

The site is

Scroll down towards the bottom, the Garry Phillips / Contributions elements. I’d really like to link to the other industry bodies listed (e.g. each bullet point) but can’t figure out how. I’ve tried reproducing the content using the Text widget instead, but it has the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Nicole,

Did you mean that you want to add a link and when it clicked it should display the constribution section?

If so, you can use this URL as the link


Thanks for your reply. No, I mean I’d like to add links within the content in the Contributions box.

For example, the first bullet point “Guest speaker at trade shows” I would like the words AusClean to link to, CleanNZ to, DesignEx to link to, and so on.

But when I’m editing the List content I don’t have any of the normal icons to create a link, so I’m not sure if it’s possible?


Oh I see… you can use HTML anchor tag to add link to the list. eg:
<a href="" target="_blank">AusClean</a>

screenshot example:

Awesome that works perfectly, thanks so much!