Link To VariousBlocks On The Same Page

Hello. I have many blocks on my front page. Suppose from a cta (2nd block) , I want to link to the 8th block on the same page without reloading and so on, how can that be done?

Hello Jason,

All you have to do is to use this link structure:
#section-id or (if you want to link from different page).

Just replace with your home page URL, and #section-id with the id of respective section.

You can find the id of an element by doing a right-click on it, select Inspect Element and find something like this:

<div id="pg-220-1" class="panel-grid"… - in this case, pg-220-1 is the id of a div element.

For more information you can refer to this guide.

I hope that it will help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.