Link to submenu on a text widget on an other pages does nor work

Hi Support Team,

See my site on:

I have two issues which I found hard to explain:

Issue 1
From the homepage I can link to the different language pages. But on a language page f.e. “Nederlands” I cannot link to “Rates” on the “English page”. The first menu “About us” is shown. Evenso for the “Deutsch” page.

Issue 2
From the other language pages I cannot link to any menu item on “French” page. An error page is shown.

What can I do to fix these problems?

I hope you have a solution.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Hello there,

> 1

I don’t get notice this issue on my computer. Does it happen on all screen size, or just on mobile?

> 2

You French page URL is, so your links should use it as well instead ofçais/#panel-363-0-0-1.


Hello Kharis,

> 1
I don’t know why but this isseu is gone and all works perfect

> 2
Thanks, I changed the URL and everything works in good order now.

Again thanks to all of you at the support team.