Link to logo at first page on web

I’m using the great theme Perth at

The problem is that when I click on logo in the header, I want to get back to first page. It works on ipads and on mobile but not when using the page at computer. Why? Do I need the full theme?

Thanks for you reply.

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I want to add, I use no plugins.

After spending some amount of time on trying to sovle this problem I realize the following:

When I select the ‘Meny style’ to ‘Centered’ and when I click on the logo to take me back to the first page, it doesn’t work.

But, if I select the ‘Meny style’ to ‘Inline’, it does work!

I would so much appreciate if somebody just could help me out. I’m not a programmer (even though I understand a little of it), so I would like to have some clear directions how to solve this issue.

Or – even better – if the next Perth update includes the fix of this bug.

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install and activate this plugin, go to ‘appearance’ > ‘custom css’, enter the below css rule into it and hit save and that should solve it.

.site-branding {
  z-index: 9999;

Thanks El!
It works great now. You saved my day.

Many thanks!

// Camilla

sure thing :slight_smile: