Link not going to correct section

I have a link not going to correct section._
Fist column where it says"We have get together events which are lots of fun" the word events is set to go to #pg-220-6. Not working now, before when it was working went to wrong section.


I think you have to use this #pgc-737-0-0 instead.

I tried that and it does not work. It moves the page down maybe a half of a inch.


Try to use this #pl-737 but I think you need to add padding to the content, so the content will not covered by the header. Please to edit your page > edit row > row styles > theme > set 200 [px] for the top/bottom padding

Try your suggestion but still no luck.

It just moves the page about 1 inch down.

Yes, its worked. the trick in above is to make the content not covered by the header when you access

or did I missed something?

I think maybe your misunderstanding me.
My concern is when clicking on the word “event” it should go to #pg-220-6 which is the events and photos section on the front page.

Oh I see… apologize for this misunderstanding.

Set the link for “event” in this paragrapgh “We have get together events which are lots of fun” to


Yes I tried that before and it goes to wrong spot on page (see attached)

waiting permission to see the attached image.

Hmmm seems to be working now?
Oh well thanks for your help

still cant access the image. please check your email.