Link in contact in footer in chrome on iphone not working

I created a link for my phone in the contact section of the footer, but on my iphone using chrome the link does not work to initiate a call.

On safari the link works, but the color doesn’t show as the code I did.
Any ideas?
code i added:
<span style=“color: #f26425;”+1 978.448.3722

Hi Kate. Let me see if I can help.

I see your code on the website is:

<span style=“color: #f26425;” <a="" href=“tel://+19784483722”>+1 978.448.3722

Try removing the ‘//’ after ‘tel:’ so it should be…

<span style=“color: #f26425;” <a="" href=“tel:+19784483722”>+1 978.448.3722

See if that works.

Thank you that worked! I also moved the color attribute to inside the link code. Now i am getting the action and the color right in the link on both chrome and safari

<a href=“tel:+19784483722”><span style=“color: #f26425;”>+1 978.448.3722</span></a>

Glad I could help. Your site is looking good so far.