Link color changed after update

After the last update the link-color (unhovered) on my site changed to a blue tone (that I never customized anywhere as far as I remember). I cannot find an option anywhere to change that blue color to something else (in the appearance > customising area). Do I have to add custom css for that?

Link to site with link-color issue:

What color was it before? We didn’t make any changes in that area and I just installed the previous version to check and the links are still blue, which is the default color for links.

I changed it to a brownish-beige (little darker than the hover-color) and since the last update its blue again. But there aint no blue field to change the color in the customizing section…

I think I’m missing something here. Where did you change it from?

I initially changed the link color from “blue” to “beige” after the update it automatically changed back to blue - now I cant find an option to change it back to beige (the color of an uncklicked, unhovered link > the other ones kept their color).

Yeah, I still don’t understand where you changed it from, but you can add this to a custom CSS plugin and set the color you want:

.textwidget a {
   color: #8B6D5E;