Link call to action slider button to a shortcode

Hi guys, first of all, I’m using Sydney and it is awesome, I could find most of what I need to change here in the forum,bu this question was impossible for me.

I want to link the CALL TO ACTION button from the main page/header to a popup that I’ve created.

I installed a popup plugin that can be activated in two ways.
1 - using a shortcode provided
2- Trigger after user clicks on existing element with this ID or Class

The thing is, how do I make this work? I’ve tried to insert the shortlink in the CUstomize section (the URL for the button) and it was a no go.

Hello @rafaelturella,

Please try to use # character as header slider link and a class option with button-slider class.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman, thanks for the fast reply. I honestly didn’t understand how to do that.
In the URL for the slider button , I can refer to a class ID. I get that. But what do I write after the #?
I’ve tried to insert a random name, such as #buttontest in the URL field. Then I’ve used the same ID in the second option inside my plugin. But still, when testing, nothing happens.

Was that what you were suggesting?

Hello @rafaelturella,

No, that wasn’t what I was suggesting.

You can set button link in Dashboard → Appearance → Customize → Header area → Header Slider section (you’ll have to scroll to bottom in order to see it), please try to put # character into URL for your call to action button field in order to have a button that doesn’t link anywhere.

That button has button-slider class, so you can use this class in the plugin in order to use this button for pop-up activation.

I hope that this explanation is more clear.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hey Roman,

Now I got it!

I’ve inserted only # in the URL for the button. And then tried both #button-slider and just button-slider in the pop-up activation and still I’m getting nothig. Any other ways to go around this? Maybe a way of inserting shortcode directly on the button via CSS?

Thanks for the time,

I just got it! I should use just a DOT right? .button-slider

Now it is working. Thanks for the solution!

You are welcome @rafaelturella! I didn’t know if you have to use a dot before class name because I don’t know which plugin you are using and how it works. However, it’s great that you figured it out! Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.