Line-hight of body text in widget

Hi folks,
I’m struggeling with the line hight on a projects page where I use the site origin editor widget. For some reason the line hight seems far to large in comparison to standard paragraph text. So I need custom CSS for this widget. I tried to include

body, p {
line-height: 20px !important;

in the custom CSS plugin but that changes all body line-hight in the projects. So I only need it for the body text in this project widget. I tried adding it the the CSS-Styles of the widget line attributes but that did not change a thing (I’m not to good in CSS)

Looking at the following page:
(Line hight of the orange body text is to large)

Any help would be appreciated.
Cheers, Timo

Hi Timo,

I just checked the page. Looks like the issue is not about the line-height, but it’s because you put a new paragraph on each line. Please go to the text editor by editing the page and make sure you are not using <p> on each line.

Bummer, you are completely right. The souce text of that page in the Rich editor was completely messy (Not only paragraphs). I cleaned it up and now it looks a lot better!
Sorry for beeing so blonde and thanks again for your help!.

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