Limit sydney fp latest news to 1 post only

Hello there,

Im new here but browsed around the forums quite a bit already and found lots of info which brought me further. So thanks a lot for that!

I couldnt find any answer to my next problem however:

I am using the Sydney fp latest news widget and it works as its supposed to. But i would like it to show only 1 post on the homepage, not 3.

I know i can change the settings from 10 to 1 in the Settings > Readings. But this also changes my Blog page to only show 1 Post. Something i dont want.

I hope my question is clear, as i cant post a link to my homepage. I am using XAMMP to create my website offline.


What you can do is to add the single post you want to show on your homepage in the Sydney Latest News widget to a custom category and in the Latest News Widget specify that Category to be shown, so the Widget will only show that particular Category on your Homepage, so if you have only 1 post in that Category it will show only the post(s) from that custom Category.

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Hallo Csaba,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Ive done this already and it works, but not really as i would like.

The thing is… it also only shows that 1 category (1 post) when people press the post. I want people to see all posts when they press the post on the homepage. Not only the one from that category.

Is there a workaround for this?

Thank you in advanced!



When you press a post from the homepage it will only show the single post, not the blog page with all the posts, so that’s normal, if you want to show the full posts page, you must use the menu link “Blog”.

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Thank you for your reply. Sorry i only reply now, i had little time the last days.

My problem is, when i do as you say, that if you press the blog on the homepage. It goes to the blog post. as you said, this is all good.

However, there is a link above the blog post which shows all blog posts of that Category when you press it.

So if i only put 1 Post in that category, the button, after pressing, only shows that one blog post from that category and not all my blog posts as i would like it too.

Hope my problem is clear?


Yes, it’s clear and it works like that, that’s why I told you that to access the full blog page you will have to click the Blog link from the menu, or if you want to open the full blog page by clicking the button below the post, then you may need to redirect that link to your blog page using this plugin:

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