Limit number of posts on homepage

I have set the number of posts to display on the homepage to six in the reading settings. If I add another test post (now deleted) it shows up on the homepage. I’m used to being able to control how many posts show up on the homepage in the reading settings. Is there a way to do this with Alizee Pro? If not what is the limit on the number of posts that will show up?

We used six posts instead of pages so they would show up on the homepage grid. I set them to sticky to keep that layout but I think we may end up with problems (or have to approach this in another way). We were planning to place all future posts in the Journal category. Any suggestions? This is the first masonry grid theme I have worked with.

Hello Laurie,

you can setting the limit post on homepage from setting > reading > blog pages show at most

Just a quick note: sticky posts add to the total of posts that you’ve chosen to display. It’s not something related to the theme having a masonry layout.

Hi Vlad,

So if I have 6 posts set to sticky, and it set to display 3 posts in reading then the total that would display would be 9? Just want to be sure. That would probably work. I used css to display the widgets on smart phones and I don’t want it to end up with too long of a scroll.

Thanks for explaining the masonry thing.

Yeap, 9.

I might not understand this correctly, but I assume the reason you’re using sticky posts is because you want those 6 specific posts to be always on the homepage while other future posts should be on pages 2,3 etc?

Yeah, that’s right although I don’t think it would be bad to have the three most recent posts show up below them. We will only be writing new posts under the Journal category. At that point I will set the Journal link in nav to the Journal category and maybe create a sidebar widget that only links to the Journal category. I did a bit more research and it seems that a lot of people assume that sticky posts will be part of the setting for total on the homepage instead of being added to it.

Well, you can include stickies in the total count if you want. You’ll have to hook into pre_get_posts. Do a Google search for include sticky posts in post count and you’ll see how it’s done. Just make sure that you don’t follow any solution that uses anything else than pre_get_posts.