Limit Categories on Collections Page

Hi Everyone!

I noticed that on my collections pages that the “Categories” field displays every single collection I have set up within my store. Is there a way to limit that to show certain categories on each collection page?

For example, on my website when I click the “Sports Cards” menu item in the header, it displays my “Sports Cards” collection I have set up, but in the categories side bar it restates the sports cards collection as well as my other collections, such as supplies.

What I am trying to do is have the categories side bar represent different categories of sports cards, so when I click the sports cards menu item it will display all of the cards in my sports cards collection, but then in the sidebar for categories it will display my collections for basketball cards, football cards, baseball cards, etc. without displaying all of the rest of my collections in the store like supplies and protectors.

I’m not sure if this is possible by changing the code or not, but any help would be greatly appreciated.