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I currently have the Sydney theme, happy with it so far and happy to pay to upgrade to pro but I have one problem, I recently purchased lifterlms to do courses, everything is fine except the layout of the actual theme questions/answers, they tend to not support spacing in the question and the answer instead of being written as

“this is an answer”

they randomly get cut off like this

“this is an

they believe it is the theme and have this on their support documentation for the developer on the theme listed on their support page found here:

Is this something that can be supported/implemented?

I love the overall theme in general and I’d hate to change to something else and redesign everything because of one little thing.

I really appreciate your support.

Thank you


Hi Jason,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I am happy to help with your queries.

Sure, we can help you with this.

As long as we can inspect that element directly, maybe we can suggest you with custom CSS code solution or something else which may work best or that csse.

aThemes Support

@kharisblank that would be amazing, I’m just thinking how do I organise to do that? Do you need any details in particular?

This is how it is showing currently.

Hi @kharisblank also, I just purchased the ‘lifetime access’ membership too, just in case, so I plan to now update sydney to ‘sydney pro’ - in terms of support for this, should I re-log this in the other forum? or here is fine?

Also the Sydney Toolbox plugin caused me a ton of issues, I had to disable the plugin, install / update and reinstall. You should put this on your installation notes please.

Hi @tshopguy,

Please let me know when you have done upgrading, so we can do further assistance to solve your issues.

We need these information before I can work on it:

  1. Login credentials to your website’s admin area.
  2. FTP access to your website files.
  3. Email address you used to purchase the Sydney Pro license.

I request you sending me a direct message to securely share those three. Before doing so, ensure, you have switching to Sydney Pro theme. Here are the steps you can follow:

aThemes Support

@kharisblank thank you for your response, I have installed everything correctly, I’ll PM you now with the requested information. I appreciate your help!

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Thank you for your reply over direct message.

This ticket is marked as closed as we continue conversations over direct message.

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