Life Composer is stuck?


I’m really happy with West, and like to work with LC, but I ran into a problem already a couple weeks ago:

Sometimes, after doing anything with a module (editing, moving…) LC won’t react anymore. I can’t publish the changes (i can’t even click the button), sometimes the button doesn’t even appear. Also further editing of modules or modules rows is impossible, I can’t click the icons (no change in colour as usual, also pointer won’t switch from arrow to hand icon), its like LC is completely stuck. Only hiding and disabling is still working.

It only happens on two of my pages, sometimes the issue vanishes from one page, only to appear later on another. If there is any logic behind it, couldn’t figure it out yet.

On all pages, no matter if they had/have this issue or not, I get the following bug message:

JavaScript error detected in a third-party plugin
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token w in JSON at position 11577
File “[URL of the LC editor page]”, line 1, char 11578

Changing the browser doesn’t help either. For now its really annoying because the issue hit my front page, which I update regularly.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear you’ve run into issue.

There might be certain plugin contains problematic script which pollutes its behavior. To verify, please try to disable all other plugins at once, then activate one by one to find which one might be the source of this problem.


Thank you, this was helpful.

In case someone encounters the same problem: in my case, the plugin “Font Emoticons” caused LC to freeze.


You’re welcome!

Glad to know you got it resolved. Thank you for sharing. That info would be very useful for others. Have a good day!