License status is unknown

I have just purchased the developer license. I have put my site in manage sites for both the developer and sydney licences. When I try to activate it I get “License status is unknown”.


Hello there,

To fix it, please try doing these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Remove the values of the following fields:
  • sydneyii_license_key
  • sydneyii_license_status
  1. Save changes
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Theme License. Enter your license key and activate it.

Let me know how it goes.


Thanks for reply. I have tried what you suggest, but I still get the same error message.

I have these fields in options.php (pro version)


I do not have this one: sydneyii_license_status
Could it be this one? sydney-pro-ii_license_key_status

Is it possible that the license is activated?

This is installed on a wordpress multisite solution. Could that be a problem?


I can see your licenses is active on 3 sites. You managed to do it? and
You don’t have to use the developer license key, just the one for the theme you want to use.

Ok. Then perhaps all is fine then.

I was not sure what was wrong, I was hoping to get a valid message when I entered my license key.