License Key Not Working After Recent WordPress Core Upgrade

Just updated to version 5.2 of WordPress and now my license won’t activate and the Theme won’t update.

Also, is there a way to remove my inactive license keys from my key list?

Asked this 4 days ago. Is anyone responding?


I notified the person that handles license issues.

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support


Updating to 5.2 shouldn’t make any difference. Can you please email me on charlie[at] the site where this occurred along with admin credentials so I can login and take a look? You can create a new admin user with my email.

Oddly it seems to be working again. It’s possible that something was not working with the cURL service on my server or there was another issue somewhere in communication. It corrected itself within the past 4 hours.


I’ll let you know if something comes up again.