Can i use one licence on multiple websites?


Thank you so much for Astrid atheme, I had it firstly about two weeks ago, today I got Pro, I really like.

I need your help. I have to finish this project urgently. I made website on basis of customer need.

The website am doing is :

  1. how can I make full width my homepage.

  2. How can I make my footer to be like the one in your demo.

  3. My contact is half, I was trying to make it full width. I was trying to test to send message but my contact seem not working as I cant received it.

  4. How can I change (Powered by WordPress | Theme: Astrid by aThemes.)

I will appreciate if you can help me to sort out those problems.

Thank you in advance and Regards.


@martijn Dortland: Yes, unlimited websites.

@Dadi Baku: Could you please open up your own topic so we can keep things organized? I’ll be happy to help you then.