Licence notification



sorry for the 2nd question: I receive this this message since the new update, though I have activated the licence: “Please activate your license key for Sydney Pro to get the latest theme updates automatically”

Will this message go away again?




That’s strange, I’m not able to reproduce this issue. So you clicked the Activate button and saved the changes, yes?


yes - clicked activate button and saved changes - also on the athemes-site I registered



Well, I’m still not able to reproduce this issue.
But let’s make sure first that it doesn’t affect you. I have pushed an update to fix the issue you mentioned in your other topic. Are you able to see this update?



sorry to say: I don’t see the update. Somehow it looks that the licence key got missing. (I can’t input the key on the theme licence page again and on the athemes myaccount page it says inactive for whatever reason.
Any ideas?


Send me an admin account please to vlad[at] and I’ll try to sort this out for you.


Hi, thx - sent a minute ago.




It’s handled. Make sure to delete the account you sent me please.


thank you very much - all done.



Hey Vald. I have the same issue. My status says inactive & I’m trying to activate the license. How can I go about this? Thanks.
And how do you change the text on the bottom of the screen?


@Ron Mac: You just need to add the licence key you received when you purchased the theme and activate it. The license key is in your account.
The credits you mean? Customize > Footer Credits.