Leto Product Modal, get images full size?

Hi, I have created a variable product at http://staging.shopisles.com/product/variable-product/

but the slider doesnt show the remaining imagesproper size like on the demo,how can I get them same size as original?


It seems to be a theme issue, it should be fixed in future theme version.

Kind Regards, Roman.

OK ,I am using customise leto parent with child and will not be updated, have to alter files individually. Do you know which file/e js/css/html etc are performing this sizing? Thanks

They actually show full size in modal, just not in the slider on the page? Thanks


Right now I can’t tell you how to fix it, unfortunately.

Please keep an eye on Leto theme updates.

Kind Regards, Roman.

You can try fixing it using this jQuery code, download plugin to add custom Javascript and paste this in. It is just not a good fix but helps a bit.

jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){
$(’.woocommerce-product-gallery__image > a > img’).attr({“sizes” : “(max-width: 100px) 100vw, 500px”,“width” : “500”});

OK, great Ill try that and let you know, Thanks

Hi, I put that in main.js and what it does is stack the images below one another, with no slide function at all? Cant really use that, need to get it working properly really. Does it work in original theme (without js)? Thanks