Leto Product Loop Widget

Hi, I have downloaded the theme and imported the demo file. On demo site of this theme: http://demo.athemes.com/leto/, under best sellers there is sub-nav appearing which is saying ‘All Albums Clothing Music Posters’.

On my homepage: http://theholistichealing.com/shop/, this sub-nav does not appear under ‘best sellers’. There is leto product loop widget being used on homepage at back-end, but the issue is ‘navigation filter’ is not showing on the home page, even when its checked in the widget.

Can you please assist me in letting me know how that sub-nav will appear under ‘best sellers’ on home page.


Hello there,

Please visit product categories list in the Dashboard > Products > Categories. Ensure there are no double categories and verify if those 3 selected categories have products assigned.


Hi Kharisblank,

I did check and there is no double category and all categories are assigned products. Still sub-nav is not visible. Any other reason its not appearing?

I have the same issue. Can you help us PLEASE.
Thank you

Hello all,

Really sorry for the long delay.

Please export your site’s xml file through Tools > Export menu and then send it to kharisblank@gmail.com. So I can reproduce your products along with the active loop widget, it’ll be easier for me to help you in better way. Include the link to this topic in your email body to signal you came from this topic.


Hi Kharis,
Were you able to find a solution to this problem? I am having the same problem–the navigation filter doesn’t show up even when it is checked. Can you please help?
Thank you!