Leto Product Loop Widget - Out of stock products

I am using the Leto Product Loop Widget to display various categories on my website, but the widget shows out of stock products. I have set the woocommerce out of stock checkbox to hide items from the catalogue but is does not hide them from the product loop.
Any suggestion of how to hide out of stock items from the widget please?

Hi, did you find a solution for this? Thank you, D

Hi @smillis,

I’m sorry for the delay here - it looks like we missed this one!

If you still need help with this issue, just reply and let me know.

@dianne as checked further, seems likely we should do some changes to the Leto Product Loop widget’s code to exclude out of stock products. This changes will be available in future version update of the Leto theme.

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Hi @kharisblank

is there a way to show ‘out of stock’ badge on out of stock product?

Hi @kadut,

Thank you for chiming in.

Seems likely you’re asking a feature that is considered as a plugin’s territory. Indeed, you can show a message for ‘out of stock’ product with a plugin like this one. Hope that helps.

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Hi @kharisblank,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried the plugin before asking question here. It works on ‘Products’ page, but doesn’t work on ‘Leto Product Loop Widget’. Any suggestion of how to add sold out badge on ‘Leto Product Loop Widget’?

Hi Is there any update on whether this update is coming. I am having the same problem too. Throughout my website out of stock products are hidden but not in the Leto Product Loop. It is such a shame because this is a great widget and I really want to use it. Thanks