Leto Product Loop Widget Categories

Hi there, I’m having a problem with the Product Loop Widget categories on my site.

On my homepage: [http://kid2kid.co.uk ], this sub-nav does not appear under ‘shop now’. There is leto product loop widget being used on homepage at back-end, but the issue is ‘navigation filter’ is not showing on the home page, even when its checked in the widget.

There are no double categories and all categories are assigned products.

I noticed that the navigation filter shows up if it is in a grid format but not if it is on a carousel. I need a carousel format. Can you please tell me how I can make the navigation filter show up with a carousel? Thank you!

Hello there,

The category navigation filter in the Product Loop widget is specifically made for product grid layout. There will be extra coding works to enable it on the carousel layout. Or you may want to use other products carousel widget from WordPress.org’s plugins directory.

aThemes Support

Hi Kharis thanks so much. I am fine using the product grid layout. However the problem then becomes that the items in the navigation filter only show up if the items happen to be ordered within the number of items that are included for all categories.
For example if I have selected to show 10 items on the front page, and the first item listed in a category happens to be #11, that category shows up empty. How can I fix this?
When someone clicks on the navigation filter i’d like the items in that category to show up even if they are #11, 24, 17, etc.
Does that make sense?