Leto Product Images, resize issue

Hi, I followed advise from an earlier post about resizing Leo images with Woocommerce customiser, and resized thumbs to 200 and single page images to 350px (wide).

However there is a problem when loading the page with new sizes, (single product page) the image starts at far left of page, then after a few seconds shifts right closer to the centre, so it looks a bit off doing that as there is a delay before the image settles in position. I am wondering if there is some Javascript somewhere adjusting the placement and is maybe set to the original square image size. The new set size is using images originally uploaded as 400 wide and 600 high and keeping that aspect ratio, so taller than the Leto or Woocommerce standard square images. If its a big problem then I suppose I can go back to the square images and try to style them so they are a bit less boring but would like to know why it is doing this with taller images and if it can be fixed easily?

Many Thanks


Can you please provide a link to affected product page?

Kind Regards, Roman.