Leto Mini Cart Widget Not Showing Up

Hi, I am using Leto (child theme) at https://staging.shopisles.com/

I am using full width home page with widgets at bottom and in footer. (no sidebar on home page)

I added the mini-cart widget (the “cart” widget in to one of the widget areas, (bottom left) but it doesnt show up. I also tried it in the footer with the same result.

I have added the mini-cart template to child themes templates folder to see if it makes a difference (as I have had to do with some theme templates to get to get them to show)
but it still doent show.

Widget areas work fine for other widgets (html and images)

Does any one know why cart widget is not showing up.?



I’m not sure what widget you mean.

Does it come from some plugin?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi its OK I got floating cart now, Thanks

Okay, you are welcome,

Kind Regards, Roman.