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I am building a website in wordpress sydney theme (still on my localhost), and I am having a problem with a layout that goes over my footer widget space (the last layout just above the footer widget), but only in some resolution previews, in 800x480, 960x600 and 1024x600.

The site is beeing made in four different languages, and the problem occures only in 2 language pages. I had the problem on all of my pages, and made those layouts from beggining and it worked in two languages, but in the other two it did not.

Thank you for your answers & Best regards.


I would be glad to help you, but I don’t think that I can provide much help here without a link, unfortunately.

Kind Regards, Roman.

I have just putted my site online and the problem as mentioned above can be seen in English an German language, but in the other two, not.

My site

I have two more problems and I don´t know if I should make new topic or ask here?

Hello, thank you for the link.

I’ve just checked your website but couldn’t recreate the issue that you described in your first post. Can you please provide some explanatory screenshots?

I have two more problems and I don´t know if I should make new topic or ask here?

Please create a separate topic for each of your issues to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello, thank you for the screenshot.

Can you please disable caching/minification and leave here a note?

Kind Regards, Roman.

I tried disabling the Plugin chache - Wp Fastest Cache, and this is still present. It is present in two page languages, and in two this does not happen. I tried to make a new layout with the same image and data, erased this one, and nothing changes.

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I wanted to check that section CSS code sources, so can you please disable caching/minification, leave it disabled, and leave here a note that it’s disabled?

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I disabled the plugin for Cache…

Okay, it looks like your caching/minification is still enabled.

Anyway, please try to edit affected Elementor rows and select Default option for Height in Layout section. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman

SORRY, I turned that plugin back on, due to my missunderstanding with me having multiple issue questions here.

Sorry, once again. If it helps, I turned it back off.

Thank you

Hello, that’s okay, did you try to set default height as I described above?

Kind Regards, Roman.

I did, and the layout got smaller, not the screen high size, to small. I need it to be my screen size. It only shows problematic on the previously mentioned resolutions.

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It’s known Elementor issue that seems to be still actual, so I would suggest you to avoid Fit To Screen option. Here is a link to its GitHub issue:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you Roman

I will live it like this for now, and if the solution pops up, I will change it.

Thank you for your help & Kind regards

Okay, you are welcome!

Kind Regards, Roman.