Layout - One column

I see a strange behavior when switching to one column.

In one blog, the text for all other types of post than standard appears under the image, video etc.

In another blog this doesn’t happen. (I believe this is correct behavior.)

There isn’t much difference between the two blogs. In the one with the problems I have a footer widget area and I also use the “link” post type. But other than that they appear very similar.

Do you have any idea why this happens, and what can be done about it?


Not really sure I understand what you mean. Can you post a link so I can see the issue?

I have temporarily set my blog to one column to show you the problem.

The text is below the videos. The text is to the right of images.
I don’t understand why this happens on this blog.


Another problem is that now the posts are also messed up.

This is not the case if I use 3 columns for this blog.

Update the theme please. Should be solved.

Thank you!

That helped for video.

But it didn’t help for gallery.

Sorry, didn’t noticed the gallery thing. I’ve pushed another update.

Great! Thank You!