Layout issues with widgets

I’m using site origin page builder on 2 sites at the moment.

However, having added some rows, 2 column, even 50%/50% and used the same widgets, I’m getting different behaviour on each of the sites.
The one that lays out correctly is: and I’m referring the the sections titled: ‘Pro-Core Self Fit System’ and ‘Inventor’ site origin editor widget and site origin image widget where they are presented 50/50.

However on:
I’ve used the same row and widet set up but they do not align 50/50.

Please help me to get the 50/50 alignment.



I’ve checked this page and I can see that the second “Product Feature” section already has 50/50 alignment. The section just has a black section and it’s applied to both subsection.
Please try to set a background color for the subsection.