Layot problems

I got some problems with the existing wordpress layout while importing the Astrid theme.
All the information is correctly imported but it’s updated according the ‘blog’ instead of the website design layout.

Hello, I’m not sure what is your issue. Can you please explain it more precisely?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Just solved the problem mentioned before.

BTW, I have another issues that I’d really like resolve.
When I’m at the ‘home page’ and then I ‘click’ on one of the projects, I authomatically go to the project page where I have more specific information and images.

The problem comes when I wanna go back to the ‘home pages’ but using the menu links. The menu perfectly works as a button when I’m at the ‘home page’ but not when I’m in the project. For exemple, imagine that you have ‘team’ in your menu and when checking a project you wanna directly go to the “home page” ‘team’ section. The only way I could do this is clicking first on the logo and then using the menu.

Is there any way to use the manu buttons to go back to the home page and directly to the section I want?

Thanks in advance

Hello, please try to use link format instead of just #anchor.

Also you can try to install Surbma - Smooth Scroll plugin to keep smooth scroll with changed anchor structure.

Kind Regards, Roman.