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How to change “Moesia FP: Latest News” to findings in a series of five posts, not just 3, and below also appeared ranks.

Need to display not only the 3 news, and more!

I’m from Russia, and writing through a translator. :frowning:


Go here: Appearance > Editor > Find fp-latest-news.php > Hit CTRL F > Search for ‘posts_per_page’ and change 3 to 5 or how many you want. Save it and that’s it.

I don’t know what you mean by ranks.


Thanks, but how to do that in one line was not recording 3 but 5?


I’m not sure I understand.
You managed to make the changes and show 5 posts?
And now you want to show 5 posts per row?


Yes, that’s right! very necessary!


Alright. Install a custom CSS plugin and add this code in it:

.blog-post {
   width: 20%;

If something isn’t working, please post a link to your website so I can see what you have so far.


Works, but on the sides of a lot of space, you need to .blog-post was stretched the full width! Then it will be wonderful.


I’m going to need to see a link to your website so I can understand better.