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Recently I put widgets/fp-latest-news.php in my front page, and I change the posts_per_page from 3 to 6, but those articles did not display by order! (like this picture), how can I fix it?

Another question about latest news, I believe I should change the post per page through Child theme, but what kind of order I should put in child theme functions.php? Thanks for helping.


They don’t show properly because they’re not styled to be displayed more than 3.
Use this CSS:

.blog-post:nth-of-type(3n+1) {
     clear: left;

To load the widget from your child theme you need to copy it inside the child, rename its class, do unregister_widget for the one from the parent and then register you copy of the widget.

Where I should put this CSS? in child theme style CSS?
and I still don’t understand how to unregister_widget from parent them.

Thanks for helping.

Yes, in the child theme’s stylesheet.
Do a search for unregister_widget on this forum, you’ll see some examples. It takes a bit of work unfortunately if you want to edit widgets code.