Latest News Widget (Yoga) - Thumbnail Size and crop

This concerns the widget Yoga-Latest News.

This issue has to do with the crop & size of the thumbnail of the featured image.

Please reference the development site:

You will see 2 of the thumbnails are fine. The middle post has the crop & size incorrect.

The images that look correct were previously uploaded to the media library before Athemes was installed and activated. For some reason, they work OK.

However, when we upload images now (athemes-Yoga child active), the featured thumbnail image in the Latest News Yoga widget is not cropping or sizing correctly.

The uploaded images are all EXACTLY the same size as all other feature post images.
No image compression/optimization plugins are being used.

Checking the forum, we entered the suggested solution of:
add_image_size(‘sydney-medium-thumb’, 350, 183, true);
in the functions.php file for Yoga.

But, did NOT fix the issue.
Any help would be great. We are stumped.

Hello there,

To change the default thumbnail sizes defined in the theme’s functions with add_image_size(), you can use the Simple Image Sizes plugin. Latest News Widget’s uses medium-thumb ID name. To avoid cropping and maintain its ratio, use 9999 x 9999.

I hope this reply helps.


Hello Kharis,
Your advise did help. Thank you for clarifying the thumb ID name.

I figured out that using “add_image_size” in the child functions.php does not overwrite the one in the parent. To do so, you have to put “add_image_size” in a function within an action hook in both the parent and child. See this Stack Exchange Post for explanation.

In the end, it was easier to use your plug-in recommendation, which worked.

Thank You.

You’re welcome!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.