Latest News Widget With Multiple Categories

I was surprised to find that the “latest news” widget works with multiple categories, separated by commas in the field titled:

“Enter the slug for your category or leave empty to show posts from all categories.”

It does successfully filter by whatever categories were specified.

This, however, breaks the button for seeing all the latest news, regardless of what I set my “Posts Page” to (“in Static Front Page” of “Appearance”). Curiously, it also loses my ‘sticky’ post which I’ve retained by modifying ftp-latest-news.php and setting ‘ignore sticky posts’ to “false”.

  1. Could the theme be updated to include a simple (and permanent since modifying a widget php file requires some workarounds to future-proof) way to remove that button?

  2. Could the ‘ignore sticky posts’ option be added to the GUI?

Thank you kindly.

It does indeed break the button. It didn’t happen like this because the button was linking only to the blog page, but then people asked for the button to lead to the category page if a category is added. Obviously, if you add more categories the link can’t be fetched.
I’ll look into implementing your suggestions for a future update.

I figured that was the case. Thank you for considering the change.