Latest News Widget Cuts off Featured Image

I have added the Latest News widget to my home page. However the featured image left and right sides are cut off.

  1. How do I get the row to span the width of the page?

If you look at the row above, which are just images, that is how the features images should look.

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The featured image in the “Latest News” widget will always be down-scaled to 550px wide and 400px height. This functionality is defined at this line in the functions.php file:

add_image_size('sydney-medium-thumb', 550, 400, true);

Meaning that your image must have 500px by 400px ratio to prevent left and right side of the image to be cut off.

> 1. How do I get the row to span the width of the page?

Edit row > Row Styles > Theme > Row Layout > select “Full Width Stretch”. Please see this GIF for the sake of visual

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I simply changed sydney-medium-thumb to sydney-large-thumb, in the sydney/widgets/fp-latest-news.php. line 74. The sides of the image are no longer cut off (the featured image is no longer cropped to 550px wide). It is working much better for me this way.

But… I edited the main theme and I don’t know how to make this happen in Sydney child theme. I tried copying fp-latest-news.php to a widgets folder in the child. But I think I also need to add some code to the child’s functions.php so that it will pick up the proper path/file. ?

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You can use the Simple Image Sizes plugin to define your own size for default pre-defined sizes if the theme. To avoid cropping and maintain the original size, use 9999 x 9999.