Latest News widget crops new uploaded post images


in the latest Sydney Pro Version 1.48 in WP 4.7 the “Sydney FP: Latest News B” widget crops the bottom and top of a featured image in the standard widget view. (The same with “Latest News A”)
This happens only with new uploaded images. If I use an older existing image for the same post it is displayed fine.
Also in single post sites and in the “All News” page the image is displayed correctly.

You can check it on my site:

Thanks for your advice.


Yes, that’s what should happen because we’re setting a cropped size of 550x400 for those images. It doesn’t happen for your existing ones because they’re not regenerated and they’re probably uploaded before you installed Sydney Pro.

You can override the theme defined image sizes by using this plugin. The handle is called medium-thumb for the images in the latest news widget.

Thanks, that helped!