Latest news not displaying images

Hi Vlad,

1)I tried to create a blog page, and have the block Latest news in it, but it doesent displays the images. Yet when you click on the post and open it in a next window the picture is diplayed as it should be.

  1. How do I create a blog page like the demo version all post? With the sidebar?

I’ve tried different approaches but the result is never the same :confused: as Yours
Could you write down some steps. Thx a lot.


  1. Solved by removing the image from the post and added a feaured image.

  2. Would be very helpful still for me and probably other folks, Cause the theme has the most support questions ever :slight_smile:

So I figure that a lot of poeple will be reading this.

I don’t understand. I see you have one here:

Yeah i did figure it out, I was too hasty with my question.