Latest news image size is massive

Hi there,

Thank you for your help so far.

I have gone through the forum, and found a very long post that didn’t seem to pin point exactly my issue.

In my latest news I changed the featured image size to see if it would make a difference - and it didn’t.

On the featured news widget on my home page the image is cropped which for the moment doesn’t really matter. The issue I have is that when I click on that post the logo is massive and it seems to be only for this image. Other post which I’ve taken down for the moment where ok. It seems to matter not what size image I use the picture is massive.

Please advise.

Many thanks.


Hello there,

It looks like the original size of your image is quite large. So it fills the entire post entry area. To limit its maximum width, you can add the following CSS code into Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS in dashboard.

.single .entry-thumb {
  max-width: 400px;